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26 Campfield Street, Falkirk FK2 7DN • Scotland

Tel. 01324 638888 •email:

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Welcome to Barker Illustration and Graphics.

We're a cartoon, illustration and graphic design studio based in the heart of Scotland.

We're "quirky" and we're proud of it.

We produce images that are a bit different, definitely memorable and sometimes even funny. Our background is in traditional graphic design. But our love of hand- illustration means we provide a range ofdrawn services that is rare to find in one place. We help with everything from logo design and infographics, to cartoons and video animation.

Please have a rummage around our website to see examples of our work and styles - then contact us to discuss how we can help you

We'll help you stand out from the crowd.

“Jim is a true professional and he has a totally unique talent. We would highly recommend his services” Andy Gillen,  

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