All artwork is copyright Jim Barker Reproduction without permission is expressly forbidden

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How does the process work?

See the our Process page for a description of how to contact us and what happens after that.

How much will it cost?

Every job is different - That's why we need to have an in-depth discussion so that we can put a proposal and quote together for you. Things to take into consideration include number of illustrations required, the amount of time the work will take and the intended use. There's no standard cost, though if we've done something similar we can probably give a ballpark estimate. It's our policy with new clients to request half payment on approval of design roughs and the balance payable on completion of finished artwork before we pass it over.

How do you supply the artwork?

This will be part of our initial discussion so that we know how to prepare the artwork. We can supply artwork in just about any format needed - jpeg, tiff, photoshop or vector files as required.

I've seen one of your drawings on the internet - can I just copy it and use it on my website/blog/project?

No. If you want to use one of our illustrations, please contact us and we'll work something out. We also have a CARTOON GALLERY where you can license a cartoon from as little as £20. We do regular internet searches for uses of our work and take appropriate action where we find examples of our work being used without permission. (Visit our gallery at

Who owns the copyright?

An eternal question - in short copyright belongs to, and is retained by the artist unless specifically assigned to another person or body in writing (Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988).