Privacy Policy

Commitment to Privacy

Barker Illustration and Graphicsis commited to ensuring that your privacy is protected

We will never pass your information to a third party

What we Collect

• Name

• Address

err...that's it

What we do with the information we gather

We simply require this to kee in toch with you.It's possible that you might end up on a regular mailing list (like the one

I used to send out with Monday Cartoons or something similar

Internal Record Keeping

I may also send you the odd promotional email to pass on news about a new product or service.


We'll do our best


Yes,apparently we use them.I don't knowhow they got there.Ignore them and maybe they'll go away

Controlling your Information

If you're part of a Mailchimp mailing list you can unsubscribe at any time.

If you've contacted me through the website imply emailme at and I'll delete your information as required