What if...? That's how it starts.

I've been drawing cartoons for over 25 years and the one question that people always ask is 'Where do you get your ideas from?'. I don't start out trying to visualise a picture, or to come up with a funny line. First, I see a situation. Then I think 'what if...?'. Cartoons allow you to have great 'what if' moments. They open up a world of possibilities. 'What if an elephant was sitting in the corner of the room?', 'What if everyone in this meeting was a super-villain?', 'What if...?'. It means I can create unexpected, memorable images that quickly convey the message you need to get across.

Training cartoon mobile phone
Health and Safety cartoon
Scottish Runner Buckfast

As a trained graphic designer and business owner for many years, I understand branding and the challenges you face in reaching your audience. My aim is to add something a bit different, something that will really get you noticed.

So, if you see me in a meeting with a far-away look in my eye, then I'm probably thinking 'what if...?'.